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13th July 2004, 14:41
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Spots on image when using built-in Speedlight flash
ถ้าความจำผมยังไม่ผิดเพี้ยนเราเคยมีกระทู้ๆหนึ่งพูดถึงแสงที่สะท้อนเข้ามา ตอนเปิด Flash เหมือนกัน รู้สึกจะเกี่ยวกับฝนกับหมอกนี่แหละ เลยจำมาใส่เสียน่อยครับ ดูภาพที่สอง มุมด้านล่างซ้ายครับ

Sometimes when I take photos I get small, round, hazy spots on my images. They move around form shot to shot and are there wven after I cleaned the lens.

As is common in many compact digital cameras where the built-in flash is very close to the lens strange reflections can appear in images under certain conditions.

Particulate matter in the air in front of the lens (between the camera and subject) such as water vapor (as in a cloudy day), smoke, dust or other items can reflect light directly into the lens causing neutral colored white/grey semi-transparent spots to appear in the image.
In extreme examples there may be many of these spots in an image or there may be only one per image. Also, since these spots are completely random they will move or disappear from image to image. For example, if two images are shot consecutively with the same camera settings one image may have spots while the other is clean.

To avoid these spots:

When possible, avoid photographing in smoky, dust, or cloudy areas
Do not use the camera's flash in locations such as above
Use an external Speedlight flash if a flash is needed
Review images on the camera and re-shoot if spots are visible
Cleaning the lens will not have an effect on these spots, as the particles that cause this are not on the lens itself.

13th July 2004, 17:58
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13th July 2004, 17:58
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