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8th April 2004, 01:31
What is Nikon View? Nikon Capture? Picture Project?

Nikon View software is included with some Nikon Coolpix and D-SLR cameras.
Nikon View is used to browse and download images to the computer from a supported Nikon digital camera. You can then open and adjust the image in the standard Nikon Editor, Nikon Capture Editor (if Nikon Capture is installed) or any registered Image Editor (Adobe Photoshop, for example). Nikon View also allows you to view the Shooting Data as well as print many different sizes and layouts of images. Other features of Nikon View included emailing images, creating web pages, removing Red Eye, uploading to NikonNet or to a PDA. A full version of Nikon View is available for download from this site.

Nikon View Software contains the following components:

Nikon Transfer - For moving images from camera to computer
Nikon Browser - For browsing thumbnail images from transferred images
Nikon Viewer - For looking at larger versions of images
Nikon Editor - For basic editing (color, contrast, etc.) of images
Nikon NEF Plug-in - If Adobe Photoshop is installed Nikon View will also install a plug-in allowing RAW NEF files to be opened and edited directly in Photoshop.
Nikon Capture is an accessory software with many features for users of Nikon cameras which support the NEF or RAW file formats. Nikon Capture which uses all of the above pieces but adds:
Nikon Capture Editor - Advanced Editing allows you to adjust color, white balance, exposure, sharpening, etc. from Nikon NEF (RAW) files as well as JPEG's and TIF's and batch processing of images
Nikon Camera Control - When the Nikon D-SLR is connected to the computer Nikon Camera Control can shoot, adjust camera settings and record images directly to the computer. Camera Control is not supported with Coolpix cameras.
A 30 day trial version of Nikon Capture can be downloaded from the Nikon KDB Web Site. A license key can be purchased by calling 1-800-Nikon UX. The suggested price for Nikon Capture is US$99.
Picture Project is Nikon's next generation image browser and editor and is replacing Nikon View. Picture Project will have all of the usefull functions from Nikon View, but has an easier interface and workflow. Picture Project works with Nikon Capture as well as Adobe Photoshop or other image editors.