View Full Version : ด่วน ห้ามนำ Battery Holder MS-D70 มาใช้กับ D100 นะครับ

24th March 2004, 00:13
Can the MS-D70 battery holder be used with the D100?

The MS-D70 battery holder is designed for use with the D70 Digital SLR only, it should not be used in any other product utilizing the EN-ENL3 battery (D100 Digital SLR or MB-D100 battery pack for the D100). Forcing the holder into the D100 body or MB-D100 will damage it.

The D70 detects the presence of the MS-D70 holder and provides additional voltage regulation to address the higher voltage provided with the MS-D70 holder.

Do not attempt to modify the MS-D70 battery holder in any way. Please dispose of exhausted CR2 batteries in accordance with local laws.

24th March 2004, 00:28
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