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17th March 2004, 14:09
Which Nikon Speedlights work on which Nikon Coolpix cameras?

Nikon makes a large number of cameras, external flashes and accessories. It can sometimes be difficult to know which products will work together and under what circumstances. The chart below shows which Nikon cameras and Speedlights work together. The colored squares indicate what mode the camera and flash will work best in.

17th March 2004, 14:19

17th March 2004, 14:23

1 - Set Speedlight to "TTL Auto Mode" proper exposure will be determined by the camera's non-TTL Exposure meter.

This chart shows the best mode choice for each camera/Speedlight combination. There may be other modes that will work as well. Additionally, the Speedlights listed in your camera's manual will provide the best compatibility and operation. Other models shown on this chart may work but Nikon can not guarantee perfect operation.