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24th January 2007, 16:39

Changes to V1.10

The following function has been added in version 1.10

1) Wireless control of external flash through built-in flash.
How to set
o Press Fn button and four way controller key (↓)
o Flash mode selecting screen display
o Select Wireless mode

o Flash discharge method can select by [ Flash in Wireless Mode] in the custom menu
1. ON: Built in flash works with master discharge
2. OFF: Built in flash works with controller discharge
o HS (High speed sync) in not available
o Select SLAVE 1 in Wireless slave mode when use AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ
How to use: Same as using two external flash, refer to the operating manual

2) Instantly return to centre AF point by one push of button in AF select mode.
[Center of AF Point] is added to the AF function
In the custom menu
When AF point switching dial set to “SELECT”,
AF point is set to Center

3) Possible to change ISO setting by dial at TV/AV mode.

4) ISO setting change by dial while the ISO setting is being displayed on the LCD by pushing OK button.
o ISO setting is being displayed in the view finder and on the LCD panel when setting the P/Tv Av/M/B/X mode and then ISO can change by turning e-dial.
o Possible to change to AF ISO by pressing green button in P/Tv/Av mode.

5) Green button function in M mode is available at TAv mode (Hyper manual).
o Tv/Av value can set automatically when press green button in TAv mode.
With this change, the name of [Green button in M] change to [Green button in TAv & M] in the custom function

6) AV and TV switch by dial at P mode.
o The item No.2 is added to the [e-dial in Program] in Custom menu.
With this change, Av can change by front dial and Tv can change by rear dial.

Instant return to the default value by green button at strobe light compensation.
Amount of flash compensation return to the initial value (0.0) by pressing green button when display flash mode screen.