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25th June 2003, 16:01
[list=1]Custom setting 23 controls how much the camera sharpens the image as it makes the conversion from the CCD raw file to an RGB or JPEG image file. The subject of sharpening is complex and is explored in more detail in other articles, however, as a quick guide here are some useful suggestions:
For images that are to be enlarged or are being shot with a high ISO, reduce the sharpening setting to low (CSM23:1).
For subjects with low contrast, of which are difficult to focus, try increasing setting sharpening to high (CSM23:2).
For portrait work where smooth tones are required, set sharpening to none (CSM23:3).
The effect of sharpening becomes more apparent as the image is enlarged. As an initial suggestion, use the following rule

* Up to A4 : High (CSM23:2)
* Up to A3 :Normal (CSM23:0)
* Up to A2: Low (CSM23:1)
* Above A2: None (CSM23:3)

The increased noise/grain due to sharpening can be reduced by use of Adobeฉ Photoshop'sฉ Median Filter
The difference between low, normal and fine is equivalent to about a 40% intensity step in Photoshop's unsharp mask filter. For full flexibility use low or none although normal is suitable for most circumstances.