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7th December 2004, 00:16
About this software:
This updater resolves an issue which causes NEF image thumbnails to be displayed incorrectly when viewed in Windows Explorer running on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) only. If you are using Nikon Capture 4.1.3, Nikon View 6.2.3 or PictureProject 1.0.1 or earlier on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) this updater is required to solve the above issue.

- You must have Administrator authority when performing this upgrade under Windows XP.
- Exit all software applications that may be running, and turn off all virus-checking software before proceeding with this upgrade.
- Your computer must be restarted after performing this upgrade.

Install Guide:
Click Here to download NEF Thumbnail Updater install guide.

Compatible OS:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2

This download includes the following file(s):

General Instructions - Click here for general instructions on how to download and open compressed files.
Licence Agreement - Click here to view the Nikon Licence Agreement.

Click here to agree to the Licence Agreement and START download (ftp://Y6duWC6fA7:56rwT3FM@ftp.nikon-euro.com/Software/5c0Kq28sqnAC0Uj/NEFThumbnailUpdater.exe)
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